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The Nude-Form group is proud to announce we've returned & have sat down with Alan-H-Bruce . Our aim with this interview series is to provide insight in how other people approach their work in the hopes it'll illuminate those of us out there not in the know but also giving us an angle that we ourselves would never have thought of.

:iconnude-form: Question 1: Let's start by telling us something about yourself?

:iconalan-h-bruce: answer: I am relatively new to art nude photography, but not so new to photography in general… picked up a camera in design school (a long time ago), that was part of the toolkit then - a film SLR. I am pretty much a hobbyist or 'serious amateur' as a photographer, have a 'real job' in a related field that keeps me pretty busy.

Q2: What attracted you to the photographic medium?

There is something about photography that spans between engineering and art that makes it very attractive to me as a creative endeavor. Considerable technical knowledge and discipline is needed to consistently do things well within a wide range of conditions, but it is also necessary to maintain an artistic eye - where is the light, what is the background, how does my perspective change if I sit on the ground, etc. It challenges both the left and right sides of the brain to do it well.

Q3: What do you like to do during your free time?

Pretty much, what you see in my portfolio… that is the highest use of free time. :)

Q4: Do you partake in any other creative endeavors?

I used to draw a bit, carbon pencil on textured paper; always have lamented not playing music/an instrument.

Q5: Work long enough in this business, you're bound to experience some comedic episodes even if its only funny in hindsight. Would you be willing to share one of yours?

One thing that happened recently is - one of my regular collaborators, we were preparing to shoot at a window light studio that I've been using recently; all of our prior collaborations were nature nudes on location. The space is really good for portraits and including a bit of wardrobe, so we both agreed to bring some things for her to wear in order to collect some nice portraits in addition to shooting art nudes. Well, on the way to the session, I realized that I forgot a few items of clothing that we might have used, and when she arrived, she was also empty handed. So, we both had a pretty good laugh about having always shot without any wardrobe before and that had just become a routine that led us to forget to bring any wardrobe… after all, we hadn't ever used any before.

Q6: For the sake of this question, we'll take for granted that "respecting the model as a human being" is the unspoken first piece of advice. What other advice would you give another photographer, perhaps working w/ their first nude model?

The first time, and I don't recall if I read this before or after my first time - it has a bit of a 'first time to Disneyland' aspect about it. I doubt there is any way to completely avoid a sense of 'wow, I'm really doing this' about it. I feel it is very important (in general, but especially the first time) to focus before the session on visualizing what you plan to do - how to place and pose the model, technical setup of the camera, etc. Thinking all of that through to the extent possible prior to the shoot is very important, and then stick to the script. There are also many art models who are willing to work with emerging photographers - it helps to find one of those. When breaking in, too, don't be shy about paying models' rates… you may not yet have a portfolio that will give them incentive (e.g. for images) to work with you; their incentive is strictly payment at that point, so don't be offended by reasonable rates.

Know why you're out there - to create art. You're not going to 'get lucky'.

Q7: What do you feel are your strengths?

I believe that I'm good at pre-visualizing what might work for one model versus another, the setting to place them in for best advantage, creating the 'script' that I wrote about above. The second strength is seeing when to stray from the script, based on conditions that we might encounter that vary from the visualization.

Q8: We each have a defining moment in our life, sometimes we have more than one. It changes us from who we were to who we became afterwards. Please tell us yours & how it changed you.

When I was in high school, we all had our turn with career counselors in our Sophomore or Junior year. I was sort of floundering at the time, underachieving, let's say, when my appointment came up with an ancient lady counselor whose name I no longer recall. In 15 to 20 minutes, she completely turned me on to my career, somehow painted the picture for me of how I could best use my skills in life's endeavors. I started down a path from there and have never looked back.

Q9: If given a choice between listening to Beatles music OR Elvis, which would you choose?

Both of them might be appropriate at different times, as would be Van Halen or Steely Dan. All four of those (and many more!) are very different, but we are always in varying moods.

Q10: Any nuggets of wisdom you'd like to share w/ models working w/ you?

Hmmm… I guess mostly, just be ready to have a fun, light-hearted adventure, particularly if we're using an outdoor location. And I think my regular collaborators would say that my shoots are pretty easy on the brain… not too serious, we focus when we need to and move on. A walk in the park, so to speak.

Q11: Pretend personnel & budget were not an issue. Describe us your dream shoot or concept?

That one is sort of difficult. A big part of the creativity for me is coming up with a great angle, a great vista, a great pose; being at the location when the light is best, in a place that might otherwise not look like much to work with - and then making something pretty nice out of that. The biggest obstacles that would be great to remove are limits of travel and time, I suppose. If I were free to travel (cost and time) to a wider range of places, there would be more places and models available who are geographically out of reach. I am blessed with some really cool locations within a certain driving radius, but those are finite. While each model makes a particular location different, more fresh locations would be nice.

Q12: What are the most common set of difficulties you've experienced as a photographer?

It is easy to get bogged down by interactions via the web with models I've not yet worked with; some are motivated by other things than to simply have an adventure and create some nice art… sometimes a lot of back-and-forth that doesn't lead to a session. Other shenanigans that plague all of us… those who want to re-negotiate at the eleventh hour or who vanish completely within 24 hours of a planned event. I've learned to accept that stuff as a statistical reality, but it is still unnecessary and frustrating when it happens.

Q13: What is the proudest moment you've experienced as a photographer?

Maybe a couple of things. Nuart Revue sought me out and ran a feature of my work in their third publication last year (they publish quarterly). There are some really excellent, well-known photographers in their features and it was humbling and an honor to be given some space and recognition there. Recently I was contacted out of the blue by a relatively well known model to go on a local adventure; and that is starting to happen now and again (unlike just a few years ago), which makes me feel that my work is resonating with others and has a bit of traction.

Q14: Tell us the story behind your user name?

I was using a different handle when Nuart Revue contacted me and they required that I have a 'real name', even if a nom de plume, to be featured. So I quickly worked on a mix-up of some familiar names and came up with my current nom de plume.

Q15: Aside from a person's look meeting a particular project, what else goes into your decision making whether to work w/ a particular model or not?

The most important aspects are fitness and figure at a certain level; other features valued in glamour models are less important to me. A sense of grace, or a perception that it can be there with a bit of effort, like a dancer or yogini is also a big plus.

Q16: If you were omnipotent, what you would change about either photography, modeling, or the industry itself?

So much 'critique' is offered on the basis that 'you didn't do this the way I would have done it', rather than a bigger effort to remove one's own perspective in evaluating and appreciating others' work. Nothing is perfect, we're all trying to get better all of the time. If more people would try harder to see other work outside of the context of their own work, the world would be a better place.

Q17: Who are some visual artists you admire, whether they be here on deviantART or elsewhere? The answer need not be limited to the photographic medium either.

Wow, that is an enormous question. In school, I had a strong attraction to Late Modern abstract artists; work produced in the US and in Europe in the 30s through the 60s. In photography, I had a strong early admiration for Ansel Adams and Edward Weston; later was strongly influenced by artists that I don't know by name who produced images of beautiful women in beautiful places, enjoying the environment with a sense of peace and harmony. That is the general guide to the work I'm trying to produce.

Q18: Favorite cartoon character?

Foghorn Leghorn. "This is gonna cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show…"

Q19: Who would win in a 3-way fight: pirates, ninjas, or robots? Most importantly, HOW do they win?

Pirates, obviously. Experience and treachery always wins over youth and skill.

Q20: Favorite movie?

Groundhog Day. It makes something very fun out of a relatively serious philosophical question - what would it be like to live forever? It is clear that it would be pretty boring to live forever.

Q21: What's your favorite book & tell us about it?

Hmmm… have not taken much time to read in a really long time. I really like Steinbeck. East of Eden is very compelling; Cannery Row is great, too. Shows his genius that he wrote both of them, so very different.

Q22: Anything else that you'd like to add or ask us here at the Nude-Form group?

Can't think of anything. This is an excellent group, one of three that I value the highest among those I follow. I'd like it if you would change the submission rules to two images every six days instead of seven. allowing us in getting to know our fellow group members. Below is interview.

Q23: You stated, "This is an excellent group, one of three that I value the highest among those I follow." In terms of market research, what is it about our group that makes it excellent.

The group excels by the consistent standard that is applied to acceptance of images; images found in the group need to exhibit a certain level of technical and artistic value… a lot of 'junk' that can be found in other groups will not appear in the Nude-Form .

We appreciate you allowing us to pick your brain. Keep up the great work & best of luck to you in the future.

For those who are interested (or are new & have not had an opportunity to read them all), here is a list of our past interviews. Feel free to comment away if you so desire because we here at the Nude-Form group LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE feedback. We hope they're illuminating.


Beyond that if anyone wishes to have something asked on a regular basis (it can be photo/art related or just irreverant), you are encouraged to privately message the group. The same applies if you wish to be interviewed (it saves me the energy in thinking who I should pitch the offer to & whatnot). It doesn't matter if you're mainly a model or a photographer, we're interested in a variety of perspectives for this series.
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