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Submitted on
September 10, 2010


×… (As publicized last journal), we here at :iconnude-form: are working hard to get a group upgrade. Any :devart: point donations are greatly appreciated. We're about 30% there but that's not why I'm writing.

Does anyone have any suggestions in how we could use this upgrade?

- Do you guys want more journals? Any suggestions on content that is still in line w/ quality photographic works?

- Polls?

- Opinions on subfolders? I'm not keen on them, more so because I really don't check them out on other groups so why would others check it out on this one. & they seem so labor intensive. But maybe others have a different opinion.

- Contests? Any theme ideas? Would a small token prize be involved or would it be like a journalesque public kudo?

I'm trying to think about these things prior to. Any suggestions whether it be your own or those you've seen work elsewhere would be greatly appreciated.
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DannyBillArgent Sep 11, 2010
I agree with NyghtFalcon.
TheHarlequinsMask Sep 10, 2010  Professional Photographer
Sources of inspiration, perhaps? Like music, popular culture, etc? Just a thought.
Journals would be of interest to me. It might be interesting to explore aspects of our collective work - for example we could discuss why we select certain locations or how emotion shapes our work, or... It might be a good way to invite others not in our group to stay longer here.
I'd quite like to see contests and as for prizes, some kind of badge or something, and a place in a winners gallery?

Journals - how about a weekly or monthly focus on a photographer or models work, maybe ones not that commonly known but who produce good work?
Hmmmmmmmmmmm... :)
lol... I wasn't hinting at my own, believe me! :)
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