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I'd like to remind everyone that :iconnude-form: is diligently trying to earn :devart: points which will be used to upgrade the group.

To meet these efforts, I've started a :devart: points donation thingie on my profile page semi234. Because I know some will ask, I tried putting it on the group page to no avail (the dA volunteer helper-people tell me that that feature that has yet to be implemented). :(

If anyone is interested in donating &/or wanting to see this group get an upgrade, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll even make your donation known through a journal entry celebrating your generosity (gotta love dA members helping one another). Or if you'd prefer to just keep quiet, I'm fine w/ that to. :)

We're about 86% of the way there. Even if its just one, ten, a hundred, or even a thousand point, every little bit helps.

Thanks for your time everyone.
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Submitted on
October 26, 2010


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