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A few things to note:

1. It has recently come to my attention that all group folders have a 5000 deviation (picture) limit. Though I loathe subfolders, I can foresee a time when it will be necessary. The question becomes in how to organize them.

I'm tentatively thinking along the lines of "featured" (which is the default & I cannot fix at the moment because we're not a super group yet), "studio", "indoors", & "outdoors."

I'm also thinking of a "Founder's Picks" as a sort of the best of the best. But I'm conflicted as to how that will play for the rest of the members. Its sorta like parental love for ones children. Nothing in this group wouldn't be here if it wasn't interesting in its own way.

Does anyone have any suggestions or input? I'm just trying to stay ahead of the curve here.

2. Because of the image gallery number limit, any images that I stumble across that have been put into storage will be removed from the group. Its nothing personal. Just from experience when something goes into storage here on :devart:, people simply tend to forget about them. The revelations about this space limit does make a difference.

3. I can also foresee a time when there will be a need for contributors/administrators to help run this group. The immediate duties I'm foreseeing is sorting newly images into folders (again, I haven't figured out how members can directly submit to subfolders themselves), tightening membership approval, group :+fav:'ing on images you come across & like (not your own). I'm also amenable to new blog writers.

I'm open to approving image selection as part of these duties for down the road. From past experience, a difference in an artistic aesthetic has been the current roadblock. I guess what I'm getting at is simply administrators "not being on the same wavelength" in terms of what is quality & what is not.

4. Not sure if people knew but I posted an interview w/ Nude-Form member :iconstmerrique:… . I think the timing may have been off because I posted an administrative blog 48 hours prior to that & am thinking it might have gotten lost in the white noise.

I do kinda have a baseline of questions I ask everyone (it varies if they are a model or photographer) but if any members out there have questions they'd be interested in having everyone answer, I'm certainly open to suggestions.

Thanks for your time.
Unbearable-Lightness Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
Whoops, sorry. This is the correct link [link]
Unbearable-Lightness Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
All this is so understandable. You have my complete support - and sympathy.

I loved the story on Merrique. Her image is now on display at the DA site of Carrie Leigh's NUDE [link]
and I also featured this in my journal and on the blogs of three groups I help administrate. Such an excellent choice to interview this beautiful and successful model here!
semi234 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
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October 31, 2010