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A few administrative things...

1:bulletgreen:  Regarding our comment policy. We are more than happy to take constructive criticism, suggestions, or complaints. All we ask is that you take those concerns to us privately & allow us to express our views that way. This method allows us the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions in how we operate.

We believe that there's a time & place for things. You wouldn't stand on your front porch railing at your significant other about the household finances for all the neighbors to see, would you? Likely not.

That's why leaving controversial comments on this group's front page is frowned upon. Some see this as censorship (& maybe it is). But to me censorship implies that the group has a vested interest in stifling opinions. I'm sorry but I've got bigger fish to fry.

I'm seeing this as a simply a decorum issue. There is a time & a place for everything.

That being said, if one absolutely has a disagreement & feels compelled to let the other members know about whatever the issue is, submit a blog entry. We're all reasonable adults here. We can have a reasoned debate about those views even if we disagree passionately about those views, all while still respecting each others opinions. The only requirement I'm making if you chose to write a blog, cite &/or link your sources.  

This is especially true in relation to the visual arts. If a work is controversial & (for whatever reasons) warrants discussion, we the readers should have the opportunity to view the offending image & decide for ourselves. If ones arguments are strong enough, they'll withstand a peer review.

I cannot force people to like every single opinion (or image for that matter) but I can ask people to respect other peoples right to partake in things you may find disagreeable.

2:bulletgreen:  I cannot control how other groups operate. Being that this is nude photography group, we have to insist on nudity being present in the image. We do not consider male toplessness to be considered a nude (blame societal standards). Nor will (for example) female topless portrait w/ the bare breasts cropped out be accepted. Its nothing personal.

3:bulletgreen:  Don't be shy in checking out the interviews I've conducted w/ various group members. I foresee submitting them as dA news articles if I have not done so already. Don't be shy in :+fav:'ing them if you have not done so already. In case you are new, here are links to the following interviews:

UniqueNudes -…
TheHarlequinsMask -…
FrancoisDeWynter -…
StMerrique -…
katyT -…

4:bulletgreen:  For those newbies, this group is collecting points in helping us upgrade the group. We're about 86% of the way there. If anybody wishes to donate points, I'd be quite grateful. If interested, I touch how you can go about it in this blog:…

5:bulletgreen: What is everyone's thoughts on less content submitted to the group?

I ask because as I browse dA I see a lot of good stuff & think its worthy of group inclusion. This can add up especially for users who do not login everyday. If its an issue, I can make it a point to restrain myself. :) No, I don't see this being an issue for people who initiate an image's inclusion.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

6:bulletgreen:  In two days, America will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for having a roof over my head & food in my belly. I am VERY aware many people in the world simply don't have even that.

Closer to home, I am thankful for the dA community like a family. They may do things that drive me bonkers, convincing me that I'm leaving. Once I calm down, I change my mind.

Its like an ex-girlfriend. You know the relationship will drive you bonkers & you may not be the best fit for each other but neither of you can help yourselves. (Sheryl Crow sang about in "My Favorite Mistake".)

I am ESPECIALLY thankful for the patience that you the members have shown while I operate the group. I hope you all will find reason to participate in this group (whether it be viewing the works of others, journal comments, or your own image submitals) if you have not done so already.

Please be safe as you visit your families this holiday season. Thanks for your time.
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Submitted on
November 23, 2010