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November 13, 2011


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The aim of the Random Six feature is to showcase 6 fabulous nude images that for whatever reason have yet to be included in the :iconnude-form:. My aim is also not to repeat any one artist. Meaning if I use them in week 1, I cannot down the road use them in week 11. How successful I am in keeping track of what's what, I haven't a clue. :)

Anyways without further ado, here are this week's Random Six...

SRS 13 by samanthaTRIERmodel from :iconsamanthatriermodel:
Olly by artwom77 by :iconartwom77:
16 by lion85design by :iconlion85design:
Wedding Night by NatArtNY by :iconnatartny:
Kats On The Couch No. 3 by Snapfoto by :iconsnapfoto:
przerwa by BudhaBar by :iconbudhabar:

If anyone has any suggestions for a future theme OR suggestions of another person's work (it can't be the submitters own), please note the group.
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